ASUS AC5300 Router Netgear_routerInstallation of Network
& WiFi



We can install basic home networks, small business and large commercial networks.

Services also include HD streaming over network, standard LAN network services, audio/visual over network, HDMI over UTP/STP/FTP, backup and media servers and network audio. NAS installation with VPN connectivity for use outside your home or office.

We can supply and install all cabling, currently Cat5e, Cat6e, Cat7e and Lexcom Home Network.
We can supply and install full range of home – multi room networked audio system.


Full or part Smart Home / Intelligent Home Installations are also available. For a full range of products available please contact us for the latest information as this changes frequently.


Whether you’re a home user with a new PC that needing installation or a business that wants a multi installations we can fulfill your requirements. If necessary we can migrate the data from your old computer (system) to the new one.